Tuesday, April 28, 2020

What Will Your Students Remember Most This Year?

This school year has certainly been one to remember.

But what will your students remember most

Since the last few weeks of distance learning are sure to be front and center in their minds, our students may need a nudge to remember the first 3 quarters of the year when your class:

  • had recess
  • had assemblies
  • listened to read-alouds
  • went to P.E.
  • went on a field trip
  • presented show and tell
  • performed in a program
  • had a party
  • dressed up for Halloween
  • ate lunch together
  • laughed at a great joke
  • presented class projects
  • learned how to read
  • enjoyed your silliness
Yes, your students need to remember these last few weeks of distance learning. They need to draw, write, and record those thoughts and feelings. Your students have missed learning at centers, recess, eating lunch with their friends, and they have missed you.

Help them remember it all, including the joys they may have forgotten from the first 3 quarters of school with a Memory Book!

Here are just a few pages from our K-2 Memory Book:

Here's a quick video to see all the pages!

 Just choose the pages you want your students to complete or send them the whole pack and let parents and students choose!

Need a Memory Book for 3rd grade? My friend Nicole from The Craft of Teaching has a print AND a digital option for a memory book:

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I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!
Have a great rest of the school year.


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