Friday, January 10, 2020

Supplement Your HMH Into Reading Lessons!

So you have your brand new 2020 HMH Into Reading curriculum for 1st grade. It's perfect, except...

There's never enough. Every first-grade teacher knows we need lots and lots of engaging centers and guided reading activities to supplement spelling, sight words, and vocabulary throughout the year because there's never enough. 

Believe me. I've been there. Our team was constantly scrambling to find activities to supplement, but so often the sight words, spelling and vocabulary were not the same as what we were practicing that week. So we made them ourselves...

Who has time for that?? 

I do. 😉

So I made them all for you!

Check it out:

  • spelling lists to send home
  • challenge spelling lists
  • refrigerator copies to send home that have spelling, challenge spelling, sight words and vocabulary
  • a sight word dictionary
  • a sight word PowerPoint test/digital center
  • sight word drills
  • word wall for sight words
  • vocabulary notebook
  • sight word games
  • spelling games and centers
  • and more!

Word Wall for Sight Words (High Frequency Words)
Lots of Games and engaging Activities!

Fun Centers!

Sight Word Dictionary with all HMH High Frequency words PLUS the first 200 Fry Words!

Students can highlight words as they learn them and add other words throughout the year from other subjects!


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