Sunday, July 14, 2019

Targeted Phonics Must Dos and May Dos for the Year!

Whew! It's done! Well almost. After taking almost one year to create,  My Growing Targeted Phonics Bundle is finally ready for you!
It will have over 2,000 pages of targeted assessments, instruction materials, seatwork (Must Dos!) and centers (May Dos!) when fully completed. 

Two of the questions I hear most often:
What do I use for seatwork for Must Dos to target my instruction? 
What do I use for centers for my May Dos?
I get it. More than likely, your district doesn't provide enough materials for you to engage your learners for a full year. 
So I've been busy creating with you in mind.
I have all the fun and engaging targeted seatwork your students will need for the year. Many of the pages are leveled and all are labeled with the skill for easy differentiation.
917 pages of Must Do seatwork to be exact! And it's all organized by phonics skills.
I also have a plethora of fun and engaging phonics centers and games for the year.
600 pages of May Do centers!

Not interested in the whole bundle?

When complete in August 2019, there will be 43 separate products in the bundle for purchase. 

Check out the BUNDLE HERE. There you can see the many individual parts that are included. 

Targeted Phonics Ultimate BUNDLE
Let me know what you think! I'd love to hear!


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