Wednesday, June 27, 2018

MUST Have: Privacy Resource Folders

We ALL (meaning our first-grade teaching team and 1st graders alike) LOVE our privacy resource folders! We use them every day! See the product HERE.

Great for:

  • students who need quiet time and/or privacy when working
  • testing
  • students who need a break from a chatty neighbor
  • students who need help with spelling a sight word (choose from 1st Grade Houghton Mifflin sight words, 1st 100 Fry Words or 1st 200 Fry Word Lists)
  • short vowel, long vowel and digraph resource 
  • 10 frame practice with dry erase markers (can write on and wipe off)
  • place value mat resource (can use place value blocks or write on/wipe off)
  • 120 number grid resource use/number practice
  • math games that use a number grid
  • 1-20 number line resource use/number practice
  • telling time (blank clock for write on/wipe off practice)
  • handwriting practice with letter/number formation (write on/wipe off practice)
  • coin identification
  • mapping skills with a US map (hint: highlight the state in which you live prior to laminating)
After many variations over the years, my 1st grade team and I selected the resources that are most valuable to our students. We have now used this version for several years and absolutely couldn't live without it.

We use a large piece of tag board and cut in half, allowing for 2 privacy folders. 2 file folders glued or taped together could do just as well. Then we glue 3 literacy resources on one side (sight word list, sounds, and handwriting) and 3 math resources on the other (120 number grid, 10 frames/place value grids and time/coins/map). Then we laminate for durability and fold into thirds.

Hint: The first year we made these, I allowed students to keep their privacy resource folders in their chair pockets. They had them handy whenever they needed them, BUT they were trashed by the end of the year and I had to make new ones the following year. So the next year I kept them on a shelf and students were allowed to get them when needed. They have stayed beautiful for 3 years now! Every once in awhile we need to clean them off with dry erase cleaner if students are using dry erase markers on them. 

Literacy Side of Folder
Notice below I highlighted our state, Colorado. I did this prior to sending to the print shop since that page was printed in color anyway.
Math Side of Folder
1st 100 Fry Words

1st 200 Fry Words

1st Grade Houghton Mifflin Sight Words (High-Frequency Words)

Write-On, Wipe-Off Handwriting Practice and/or Resource

Sounds Resource

120 Number Grid and Number Line Resource

Write-On, Wipe-Off 10 Frames and Place Value and/or Resource

Write-On, Wipe-Off Clock, Coins and US Map Resource
Let me know if you have questions. Again, our team and our students can't live without our Privacy Resource Folders! Get them now so you can make them over the summer and have them ready to go for back to school! 

Get them HERE.

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