Thursday, September 28, 2017

Color by Code Through the Year

My students LOVE coloring these cute Color by Code at math centers, during inside recess, free time, you name it! Review those foundational math skills. See the list below.

Math Skills Currently Included Through the Year:
♥ Number recognition to 10
♥ Dice
♥ 10 Frames
♥ Dominoes
♥ Tallies
♥ Base 10 Blocks
♥ Addition to 9
♥ Addition to 15
♥ Addition to 20
♥ Shapes
♥ Even and Odd Numbers
♥ Coins
♥ Subtraction
♥ Adding 3 Numbers
♥ Number Words
♥ <, >, =
♥ Fractions

The Year Long Color by Code BUNDLE is nearly finished! It includes 104 pages of Color By Code Activities for the year including Back to School, Fall, Halloween, Thanksgiving (soon to come), Christmas, March, Earth Day (soon to come) and Spring Activities. One example from each is shown below:
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