Friday, July 14, 2017

Fun and Easy to Assemble Pocket Puppet Books

Our 1st graders can't get enough of these adorable, engaging Pocket Puppet Books. They love coloring, cutting, gluing and then reading them over and over using the puppet to tell the story. The Pocket Puppet stays in the library pocket on the back of the front cover until it's time to read. If these pockets are unavailable, a paper clip could be used. But trust me. There's something about putting the little puppet in the pocket that the kids just get a kick out of. 
Pocket Puppet stays safe in the library pocket on the back of the front cover until time to read!
Little Brown Squirrel Hides a Nut

Pilgrim Pocket Puppet Book
Santa Claus Pocket Puppet Book

All parts and clear directions are included. Easy and fun to assemble!
Students use positional words (above, over, under behind, etc.) as they tell the story. They use the puppet to go up a mountain, through the grass, around the lake, etc.
See the video below to see the Pilgrim Puppet Book in action! (If you don't see the video below, click the line that you see and the video should open.)
Check out all 3 Puppet Books here:
Little Brown Squirrel Pocket Puppet Book
Pilgrim Pocket Puppet Book
Santa Pocket Puppet Book

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