Sunday, January 29, 2017

Solar System Activities

Teaching about the Solar System is one of my FAVORITE units ever! The students just eat it up. No wonder it is one of my best-sellers! So over the years, I have added the best activities I have used with my first graders. This unit has it all! Check it out!

I start by reading as many books as I can out loud to the students. I show Brain Pop Jr. videos, and I share visuals like the posters below and keep them posted in the classroom as reference throughout the unit:
We make a fun and easy to put together FLIP book (sold separately HERE but also included in the complete Solar System Unit.) They LOVE this Flip book! After they make it, they sit with a partner and read it several times. Then they take it home and read it to their parents. Lots of opportunities for comprehension and fluency practice!

My first graders also get a Solar System Book to read, color and fill out as we go through it together and learn about our solar system.

Then they use the information in their book as well as the reference posters to create their own report! Included in the unit is an easy to use report planner and writing pages to create reports with loads of information on the solar system!
Just added is a fun Solar System Word Search to review many vocabulary words taught throughout the unit.

Post these solar system vocabulary words on your word wall and/or give each student their own word wall for reference throughout the unit.
Play fun games and/or use these cards for flash cards to review terms taught in the unit.
Get the Solar System Unit HERE.
Let me know your thoughts! ♥
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