Sunday, February 28, 2016

Reader of the Week

Who wouldn't love to sit in front of the class in the big teacher's chair with all those adoring eyes looking up at you as you read aloud a favorite story? Well, since we teachers do it every day, I guess we belong in the LOVE it category. 
We pass that love of read alouds on to our students every day. And when they get a chance to share their favorite story in front of those adoring eyes, it's a dream come true!
Fluency really improves in the second half of 1st grade, so it's a perfect time to transition from Star of the Week 1st semester to Reader of the Week 2nd semester. (If you are unfamiliar with Star of the Week, check out my Star of the Week post HERE, or check out my Star of the Week Pack HERE.)

The Reader of the Week does everything the Star of the Week does for the whole week:
leads calendar
line leader
errand runner (go fer)
poem pointer
moves clips back to green daily
and whatever else I can think of for them to do!

The only difference is instead of the Star of the Week presenting on Friday and the class writing about them, the Reader of the Week sits in the teacher's chair and reads a story. 

Here's our Reader of the Week routine in a nutshell:

1. I draw a stick "randomly" on Fridays to select the next week's Reader of the Week.
2. The Reader of the Week gets a note home to inform parents that their child needs to select and practice a book that is at their reading level (see below to download FREE copy).
3. The R.O.W. practices a book daily at home that will take approximately 10 minutes to read aloud to the class. They practice fluency, expression and holding to book for students to see.
4. Throughout the week, the R.O.W. performs important jobs in the classroom, similar to the Star of the Week.
5. On Friday, the R.O.W. gets to sit in the teacher's chair and read aloud to the class!

They are unknowingly improving their fluency, building confidence in reading and speaking skills, and getting their 10 minutes of fame!

Reader of the Week Note Home to Parents

Download your FREE copy of the R.O.W. parent note below:

Get your Star of the Week Pack on TpT below:

Let me know what you think! I'd love to hear from you!
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