Sunday, January 31, 2016

FREEBIE Sample of My Presidents' Day Pack!

Presidents' Day is a perfect time to squeeze in great history lessons incorporating reading and writing. Students can read about some of our greatest presidents, can learn about coins with great presidents, make crafts, complete activity sheets, write reports, and can write letters to the current president.
These activities and more are included in my 59 page Presidents Day FUN Pack.

Three different booklets are included:

10 page George Washington Booklet with key words and pages with fill in the blank lines.

11 page Abraham Lincoln Booklet with key words and pages with fill in the blank lines.

6 page Name That President on Our U.S. Coins Booklet with key words and fill in the blank lines.
Scroll down to bottom for this freebie booklet, a sample from my complete pack!

Choose from several different writing papers to have students write about the presidents or write a letter to President Obama!

Send the letters to the White House and get a response from the president! 
Send to:

The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500

This is what we received last year when we sent our letters off. My students were so excited that the president received our letters and they were able to hear back from him!

Make paper bag puppets of Washington and Lincoln!
Paper Bag President Puppets

Preview of all that is included in the Presidents Day FUN Pack:

Get your Presidents Day FUN Pack HERE

or get a FREEBIE sample of the Presidents Day FUN Pack below with one click!

Name The Presidents On Our U.S. Coins

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