Saturday, January 23, 2016

Flipping Over Word Family FLIP Books!

I had so much fun making and using my growing collection of Science Flip Books, (Flipping Over FLIP Books Blog Post) that I now have a growing collection of Word Family Flip Books! And my 1st graders love making them and reading them over and over!

I plan to add short vowel word families, but the flip books I have made so far include long vowel words since that is what we are working on right now in 1st grade:

These FLIP Books are so fun and easy to make! Once they understand the simple assembly directions, students are ready to go!

First students cut on the black lines (dotted lines are for folding).

Then students assemble and staple on the left side of the book.

Students color the vowel pair or the vowel and silent e so those letters stand out (and their eyes are drawn to what is making the long vowel when they read the words). Then they circle whether the word is real or not real.

Students are then ready to read and reread the books either alone or with another reader to solidify those long vowel words.

Easy Peasy!

Check them out here:

Word Family FLIP Books Long a

Word Family FLIP Books Long e

Word Family FLIP Books Long i

Word Family FLIP Books Long o

Word Family FLIP Books Long u

Word Family FLIP Book BUNDLE with all 5 Packs! Save Big!

Let me know what you think! I'd love to hear from you!

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