Saturday, January 9, 2016

Flipping Over FLIP Books!

FLIP Books are becoming incredibly popular, and no wonder! They are fun to color, cut, glue and assemble, AND the finished product is a book filled with great information that supplements just about any unit. 

This collection of FLIP books continues to grow because I am finding so many units that we teach where a FLIP Book would make a great supplement. Once they are assembled, they become books that can be read and re-read during small group reading, during center time, or for partner reading. They are also great resources for later report writing!

This is why I'm loving these FLIP Books!

So making the flip books is incredibly easy. They fit together like a puzzle.

Each book comes with directions:

             Color                                       Cut                                          Glue

                                           Assemble                           Staple

Get your FLIP Books Here:

Butterfly Life Cycle Flip Book
Frog Life Cycle FLIP Book
Honey Bee Life Cycle FLIP Book
Sunflower Life Cycle FLIP Book
Animals of the Rainforest FLIP Book
Solar System FLIP Book
The Solar System FLIP Book is part of my 54 page Solar System Unit that has everything you need to teach your 1st-3rd graders all about the Solar System! Check it out HERE.

You can also get ALL Science FLIP books for a discounted price with my growing bundle! This growing bundle will grow in price as I add to it, but if you buy early, you can download any products that I add to the bundle for free!
Check it out HERE:

Science FLIP Book Bundle
Let me know what you think!

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