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Unknown said...

Hello! I just ran across your Must Do May Do for your reading centers. Would you say that you have the same system for Math? I am currently in third grade but my students struggle with the same issues with rotating. I am looking for some good ideas to finish out the year with as well as for next year!

Joyce Oberg said...

Hello! I just noticed this comment here. Sorry. I'm still getting used to this blogging thing LOL.

We use a modified system for math since I don't meet with all math students in small groups. I only meet with students who need intervention or review, so this amounts to maybe 10-15 minutes of a small group. Typically during that time I will either make a must do list on the board or I will set out math games while I work with a group.

If you meet with small groups throughout a long period of time in math, I think the system would work wonderfully. You will have to let me know if you use it!

I hope that helps!

Thanks for stopping by.

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