Sunday, February 26, 2017

FREEBIE What's On My Plate?

Don't miss this incredible FREEBIE! What's on My Plate FLIP Book is one example of my many Science FLIP books! It explains the My Plate healthy, balanced eating plan that the US Government has issued to replace the Food Pyramid plan.

I wanted you to get a chance to try out one of my popular science FLIP books with your students. I know you will love it!
This What's on My Plate FLIP Book  is fun an easy to assemble! And it's FREE! 

Check out my other great Science FLIP Books HERE.

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1st Grade Pandamania!
What's On My Plate? FLIP Book
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Sunday, February 12, 2017

Enter for a Presidents' Day Pack Easy GIVEAWAY!

Giveaway has ended.
Congratulations to Joanne Hemmings Haeussinger and Hilary Rose Marciano!

Don't miss out! 
2 Lucky Winners!
One of the easiest GIVEAWAYS Ever!
Enter to Win this Presidents' Day Pack for Grades 1-2!
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Saturday, February 11, 2017

Essential Math Skills Through NUMBER of the DAY!

It's never too late to start a program in your classroom that will help your students get the daily practice they need with foundational math skills! This Number of the Day 180 Day pack is excellent for introducing, practicing and reviewing essential math skills. Every 20 days, the skills increase in rigor and complexity. The program begins on Day 1 and goes daily through Day 180, but you can start on any day you choose.

We bundle the books into 20 pages since every 20 days the skills change slightly, increasing in rigor and complexity. We print them on the same color paper (blue) so students can find them easily every day in their folders/desks.
So we start on Day 1 and everyday we move our "Little Red Man" clip along our classroom number line. 
As we move our "Little Red Man" along the number line, students are using the red clip as a reference tool to add, subtract, see one more, one less from our Number of the Day
We also have a "Little Orange Man" that identifies the last day of school so they can track the progress of the year and know when they are officially 1st, 2nd or 3rd graders!
Need your own classroom number line? I've got you covered!

Get your classroom number line plus individual number lines and grids HERE.
Please Note: This Number of the Day Pack will be updated Summer, 2017 to align with Common Core Standards. Purchase now and you will get the current pack and then be able to download the updated pack at no extra charge!

Get the Number of the Day 1-180 HERE.
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Saturday, February 4, 2017

Valentine's Day FUN While Learning Plus FREEBIE!

♥ Don't miss out on the FREEBIE at the end of this post! ♥

Valentine's Day is next to Christmas when it comes to the excitement of the big, upcoming event. At least in my classroom! My students are already bouncing off the walls with excitement! Why not have fun with Valentine's Day activities while also learning and practicing literacy and math skills? Shhhh.... They won't even know they are learning...

Right now, my first graders are working on getting automatic with differentiating between long and short vowels. I designed this game with that skill in mind. Students roll the die and work their way around the board reading long and short vowel words. They play it over and over again! This is perfect for centers and they even ask to play it during inside recess! What JOY!
Just print on index paper or cardstock, insert into a plastic sleeve, place game pieces inside the sleeve and you are ready to go! Students just grab the game and play. What could be easier? ♥

Another skill we are currently working on is adding and subtracting 10. I have the perfect game for that too! 
There are 2 choices: A board that goes to 100 and one that goes to 120. We use the 120 game board, but kindergarten would use the 100 game board. Both have same rules and students use 2 dice and hop around the board adding and subtracting 10. PERFECT for this time of year! And fun too!

Make a cute flip card in class for your students parents or guardians!

♥ Here is a glimpse into the rest of this fun pack: ♥
Valentine's Day Math and Literacy Pack K-2

Get this fun pack HERE!

It is so dry here in Colorado, especially during the winter, so I thought I would treat my first graders to some lip balm for Valentine's Day. Now, I have to admit. I didn't come up with this idea myself. I found several Pinterest posts with this cute lip balm idea. Normally I would give credit, but there were so many similar posts! So I thank all of the creative wonders out there!

Anyway, I printed off the cards and then made a trip to my favorite Dollar Tree and purchased 2 lip balms for $1.00. I wrote students' names on each lip balm with a Sharpie and hot glued them onto the card. 
Get your cards in the link below. You can type in your own name using your favorite font!
Download your cards (in PowerPoint) HERE.
♥ Enjoy, and Happy Valentine's Day! ♥

Let me know your thoughts! 
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