Saturday, July 9, 2016

Word Trains Centers and Games

 My newest sight word center is so much fun and so versatile! 
Oh My Gosh!
Look at all the ways this pack can be used!

Play Conductor:
Cards are face down in a picking pile. Partners take turns taking a card and reading the sight word. If the sight word is read correctly, they keep the card. If it is read incorrectly, the card is returned to the bottom of the picking pile. If a "conductor card" is pulled, directions on the card must be followed. Player with the most cards at the end wins!
 Play Match:
Partners or individually, match the engine word to the car word that matches. Read the words as matches are made.
Play Matching Game:
Cards are spread out upside down, player turns 2 cards over, trying to make a match. Read the words as they are turned over. If a match is made, the 2 cards are kept. If not, the 2 cards are returned to their original places. Player with the most cards at end wins. (1-4 players)
Play Train Race:
With a partner, lay all cards face up on floor. Start at the same time and race to make as many matches as possible. Read the words as matches are made. Player with the most matches wins!
Play Build a Word Train:
2-6 players take turns reading a word and adding it to a train of words. A blank engine would be used for this activity.
Play Go Fish:
Partners take turns asking if he/she has a certain word in their hand to make a match. If not, they go fish! Player with the most matches wins.
Use word cards to introduce sight words for the week.
Display sight words for the week in a pocket chart.
Move from pocket chart each week to the word wall.
Use the black and white word cards to make flash cards for small group instruction, to send home for practice, and for center activities.
Or make your own games and activities with the blank train cards! 
See examples below:
Get them all and save with the Bundle:

Let me know what your thoughts. I'd love to hear from you!
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