Monday, November 23, 2015

STAR of the WEEK!

Who doesn't love being the star?!  My students can hardly wait until Friday when I draw for the next week's big star of the week.  I reach into the cup of names and (drumroll...) 

The lucky star of the week goes home on Friday with an information sheet and poster to fill out and return on Monday.

On Monday, the Star returns to school and the poster goes up on our bulletin board.  All week, the Star of the Week is the teacher helper.  They are the line leader, the poem leader, the calendar leader, the "go-fer" (go for this, go for that on errands), the pencil sharpener, etc.  Included in the Star of the Week Pack is a list of suggestions for the week.

On Friday, the Star of the Week gets to wear "the cape" (shown above and below), but a special hat, button, etc. works too.
I like to have the Star of the Week present on Friday. In the parent note, parents are told to send in photos, a favorite toy and a favorite book to share. I have students use the document camera to present their posters and the items they have to share.

Friday is also the day when students write about the Star of the Week and the Star makes a book cover.  We staple the book together for the Star to take home.

Check out everything that is included in the preview.  Click HERE to check it out!


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